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QA Graphics has created a web interface to streamline the integration process of its Energy Efficient Education Dashboard with Johnson Controls’ Metasys building management system.

The Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard (EEED) is an educational tool used by organisations to inform building occupants and the public about their sustainable practices.

It is a web-based user interface that is integrated with a building’s control system to display real-time building performance data.

It is said to complement Metasys system already in place, by showing the data in a simplified format that is easier for occupants and the public to understand.

This allows everyone to get on board with the organisation’s sustainability efforts and further improve building efficiencies.

Typically, the EEED requires a hardware component to integrate the application with a building’s control system.

With QA Graphics’s web application for Metasys, the need for that hardware is eliminated, reducing set-up time and making the integration process even easier.

The web application is an interface between the Johnson Controls MSEA network and QA Graphics’s Data Manager, which collects the live building data to distribute it for viewing on the final EEED interface.

After installing the web application, it handles the point configuration, MSEA log-in, MSEA data retrieval, and the formatting of the returned data for display on the EEED.

The building data can be shown in hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly increments, and baseline data can be uploaded to compare the building’s performance to industry standards.

The EEED has been utilised in buildings including schools, universities, restaurants, commercial businesses, government organisations and others.

Displayed online or on a touch screen in a building lobby, it provides education about sustainable initiatives, using a variety of features such as interactive quizzes, animated demonstrations and environment tips on how everyone can help make their building more efficient.

The application is also editable, giving the end user the ability to change much of the content and images as the sustainable initiatives progress.

The solution can help earn green building certification points, contributing towards satisfying the US Green Building Council’s Innovation in Design Green Education and Innovation in Design School as a Teaching Tool credits under LEED, and a variety of points under the Green Building Initiative’s Green Globes green building rating and assessment system.

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