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Heico Fasteners UK is to showcase its Heico-Lock anti-vibration bolt securing system at the Subcon 2011 event.

The high-quality wedge-locking washer is suitable for demanding bolt-fastening applications and meets the requirements of the DIN 25201-4 standard and DIN 65151 ‘Junker’ vibration test.

Heico-Lock wedge-locking washers positively lock fasteners using tension instead of friction.

The pre-assembled pair of washers have inclined clams on the inside and radial ‘teeth’ on the opposite sides.

Tightening of the bolt leads to a gripping action of the teeth, thus seating the surfaces.

Once in place, movement is only possible across the face of the cams.

Working together, both sides of the locking washers combine into a fastening system that prevents loosening of joints by shock and vibration.

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