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WEG has provided four medium-voltage motors for the Veracel Cellulose project to ensure an optimum supply of wood chips for cellulose production.

Veracel Cellulose is an integrated agro-industrial project in Brazil that covers all the production phases of cellulose – from the planting to the delivery of the end product.

In June 2009, the company started up a wood chipper line, the Horizontal Wood Chipper HHQ, which provides the capacity to process 400m3 of wood per hour.

Supplied by Andritz, the Horizontal Wood Chipper HHQ integrates four WEG medium-voltage motors (400kW, four poles), operating in heavy-duty mode to ensure the supply of wood chips for the production of cellulose; and also to generate biomass, which is commonly used as source of energy.

To enhance reliability of these motors, WEG created a systematic commissioning and start-up procedure via smart phone.

This gives field professionals immediate access to all the information they require.

The data itself is also automatically transmitted to WEG, which means faster solutions to potential problems.

The supply of new medium-voltage machines for the new chipper line means that practically all of the motors used in the productive process at Veracel are WEG.

The new line has eliminated a bottleneck in the production of wood chips for cellulose, and provided environmental and economic gains for the company with the generation of surplus energy.

In addition, it has released operational availability of the other two lines used in the production process, which is important for general maintenance purposes.

The wood chipper is at the beginning of the productive process for cellulose.

It transforms the trunks of the eucalyptus and pine trees – already shredded – into wood chips of several sizes.

That is, the whole trunk goes inside the equipment and comes out chipped.

There is a high demand for very powerful motors during this stage.

Each of the four WEG motors of the Veracel wood chipper are 400kW – offering a total of around 2,200HP.

WEG offers solutions for all processes in the paper and cellulose industry.

This includes transformers, motors, generators, driving and control products (contactors, circuit breakers, switches, relays and so on), drives (frequency inverters, soft starters, servo drives and so on), electrical panels and automation, as well as paints used to coat equipment, tanks and metallic structures.

WEG also offers solutions for independent power generation from biomass.

WEG’s network of distributors and regional servicing centres meet the requirements for parts and spares and can offer technical support for the products supplied.

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