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WEG Germany has been selected by Outotec to provide 21 MV motors, including slip-ring types up to 5,200kW, 24 WEG transformers, six liquid rheostat starters and project management services.

The equipment is being installed and commissioned in a sulphuric acid production facility, currently under construction at Ras Az Zawr in Saudi Arabia.

Due to the remoteness of Ras Az Zawr, and the possibilities for issues with multiple suppliers should problems occur, Outotec insisted on single suppliers for each element of the sulphuric acid project.

The project started in 2006 and is nearing completion.

To date, WEG Germany has supplied 21 medium-voltage motors: six MAW710 5,200kW 4p 13,8kV 60Hz; six MGW450 1,400kW 2ph 4,16kV 60Hz; and nine HGF400 620kW 6p 4,16kV 60Hz.

These motors are used extensively in mining, marine and oil and gas applications; they provide high levels of efficiency, reliability and long life demanded in such challenging conditions, WEG said.

The MGW and HGF type motors are used in the boiler feed water and circulation pumps of the sulphuric acid plant.

The higher-power (5,200kW) MAW units are slip-ring motors that drive the main blowers in the plant.

WEG decided to use slip-ring motors controlled by liquid rheostat starters for this application as the blower inertia was large and starting current was an issue.

The benefit of starting the main blowers in this way is that the customer can control the starting current of the blowers, at the same time handling the very high torques involved.

In addition to the motors and starters, a total of 24 WEG transformers are used to supply and condition electricity to all types of equipment across the whole plant, including the WEG MV motors.

In common with the MV motors, the WEG transformers are designed for use in demanding operating conditions in hydroelectric plants, desalination systems, oil and gas installations, mining, marine and more.

In terms of project support, WEG was active during the project management stage at Ras Az Zawr, managing three different suppliers, and also co-ordinated with Outotec to ensure that several technical modifications required by the main contractor were actioned promptly and with the required level of customer support.

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