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Weightron Bilanciai has supplied a bespoke ATEX-certified pit-mounted weighbridge to Gasrec for weighing gas tankers at its Albury, Surrey recovery plant.

Gasrec utilises gas generated by the decomposition of biomass to produce liquid bio-methane fuel (LBM).

The Surrey landfill site, which receives the majority of Surrey’s domestic waste, began producing gas in 2008 and can produce about 5,000 tonnes of LBM a year, enough to power either 100 HGVs or up to 500 LGVs a year.

The 50-tonne 15M Eurodeck weighbridge is a 4.5M-wide version, designed to allow adequate vehicle manoeuvrability at the entrance to the site.

The weighbridge, which is located in a Zone 2 hazardous area, is fitted with Weightron’s ATEX-certified CPD digital load cells.

These are connected via a safe area-interface box to the D800 weight terminal, mounted 50M from the weighbridge in the safe area.

A large external digital display in the safe area indicates to drivers and operators the tankers’ weights as they are filled.

The sealed, stainless-steel CPD digital load cells provide many set-up and service-related operational benefits.

Individual load-cell health checks can easily be carried out, either locally or remotely via optional Ethernet connectivity.

The installation has a clear airflow underneath the weighbridge deck to prevent any build-up of gas in the unlikely event of spillages during the filling process.

Rows of holes drilled along the length of the weighbridge deck provide further ventilation from below.

The Eurodeck design has an excellent reputation for strength and durability in the harshest of environments.

The weighbridge features a special restraint system to minimise the potentially damaging effects of harsh vehicle braking.

The main structural beams, which support a robust durbar deck, run lengthways in line with traffic flow and are deep enough not to need stiffening plates.

This gives a consistent, well-drained weighing surface, avoiding any build-up of condensation.

The unsupported span between these beams is only 165mm, which means that with maximum loading in the centre of a standard module, there is minimum deflection.

The modular construction means that non-standard lengths and widths can readily be accommodated to meet specific customer requirements.

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