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Merlin Control Systems has developed a version of the PWC8 range of weld control units that is suitable for multiple transformer machines, or more complex DC machines.

The PWCx3 controller features three independent control circuits in one printed circuit board with the facility to individually control three transformers, which can be on the same phase or on different phases of the mains supply.

This offers a more compact, easier to use and less-expensive means of controlling multiple transformer welding machines.

Different configuration options are standard for this controller, so the same unit can also control a three-phase or polyphase DC machine at a much lower cost than is usual for this type of machine, according to Merlin.

As with all Merlin weld controllers, versions are available for simple manual operation and setup, or for communication with a higher-lever PLC-based control system.

Different program sequences are available to suit spot, projection, seam and butt welding machines, with other options on request.

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