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Weldability-Sif has added a selection of Sifcored rutile flux-cored welding wires to its existing Sifbronze brand of welding products.

The Sifcored range is designed for use with DC MIG welding machines and, in most cases, is suitable for welding in all positions.

Sifbronze manufactures a variety of welding consumables and is claimed to be the only UK-owned source of welding consumables.

Sifcored products

For mild, low-alloyed and high-alloyed steels:

  • Sifcored 3E70C-6M — this produces low-hydrogen weld metal with excellent mechanical properties when welding mild steel and 490Mpa high-tensile steels; it is used for steel tanks, bridges, onsite construction and shipbuilding
  • Sifcored E71T-1 — this is designed for the welding of thin sheet steels and unalloyed or low-alloyed structural steels using CO2 or Argon/CO2 shielding gases; it is often used in shipbuilding, offshore and construction applications for welding mild steel pipes, tubes, strips, forgings and pressure-vessel steels
  • Sifcored E110C-CG — this produces a stable and spatter-free arc and is used in offshore, pipeline, crane and construction applications where 690N/mm2-yield and 110ksi-class high-strength steels are used
  • Sifcored E81T1-Ni1 — this is used to weld low-temperature service steels producing an excellent weld bead, easy slag removal and negligible spatter; it is often used in offshore applications and pipeline and pressure-vessel construction

For stainless steels:

  • Sifcored E308LT1-1/4 — this produces a stable and spatter-free arc and is used to weld 18 per cent CR, 10 per cent Ni stainless steels where temperatures up to 600°C and/or solution treatments are applied
  • Sifcored E316LT1-1/-4 — this produces a stable, spatter-free arc creating a smooth weld bead and self-releasing slag to weld 18 per cent Cr, 12 per cent Ni, 2.5 per cent Mo 316L stainless steels
  • Sifcored E2209T1 — this is designed to weld, with a stable, spatter-free arc, AISI S31803 or EN 1. 4462 duplex stainless steels, producing excellent chloride pitting corrosion-resistant welds owing to the high nitrogen and molybdenum

For dissimilar steels:

  • Sifcored E309LT1-1/14 — this is designed to weld together dissimilar metals and can also be used to weld a first layer on mild steel or low-alloy steel prior to overlaying; this wire produces a smooth weld bead surface with self-releasing slag

Weldability-Sif has a heritage dating back to 1925 and the origins of the bronze brazing process. Our products are known and trusted by many corporations across the globe, with a vast product user customer base ranging from car hobbyists right through to large multinational industrial gas and fabrication companies.  

For almost a century we have innovated in the development of welding products and have supported the industry with technical assistance and consistent product quality. We have developed a successful brand for the supply of welding consumables with a range that covers applications in bronze, cast iron and various grades of high-tensile steels, stainless and aluminium.  

Weldability-Sif continues to offer the broadest and most comprehensive welding product portfolio available from a single UK source, and distributes via its network of trading partners, as well as through web and mail-order channels.  

Our business is dedicated to the supply and support of the welding industry and we constantly strive to improve both the extent of our range and the quality of customer service we provide.

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