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Weldcraft’s WP-225 Modular Flex-Neck Torch Package is designed for shop use on water-cooled applications and allows a single TIG torch to be customised into multiple configurations.

It also features interchangeable components that help minimise parts inventory and lower associated costs.

The WP-225 Modular Flex-Neck Torch Package comes as standard with: WP-9 and WP-17 series 70-degree heads (9-70 and 1726); a handle; and the choice of vinyl, HD vinyl or braided-rubber power cable, water and gas hoses in 12.5 or 25ft (3.81 or 7.62m) lengths.

Optional heads for the torch include the 9-90, 9P, 24, 1726P and 24-90.

Using both the standard and optional torch heads, welding operators can configure the WP-225 Modular Flex-Neck Torch Package into seven different styles, while the easily adjustable flex-neck provides access to difficult welding angles.

There is no need to change torches for different applications.

In addition, the WP-225 Modular Flex-Neck Torch offers excellent water-cooling capabilities that allow welding operators to achieve continuous performance with a lower risk of torches overheating.

Weldcraft rates the torch at 160 to 225A DC and 115 to 160A AC at 100 per cent duty cycle, depending on the style of torch head used.

Weldcraft also offers its AK-225 MFC (Modular Flex Complete) Kit, which allows welding operators to customise the WP-225 Modular Flex-Neck Torch into an additional five torch styles.

The AK-225 MFC Kit includes collets, collet bodies, tungsten, alumina and lava nozzles, five torch heads (9-90, 9P, 24, 1726P and 24-90) to create additional custom TIG torch configurations.

All components are Weldcraft 10N, 13N and 24-Series front-end parts.

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