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Miller has introduced the Filtair SWX series of wall-mounted welding-fume extractors, which maximise floor space and provide excellent welding-fume filtration.

The Filtair SWX welding fume extractors feature Miller’s nanofibre filter technology.

Available in either the self-cleaning SWX-S model or the disposable filter SWX-D model, the SWX series allows companies to improve air quality and protect employees without cluttering shop floors.

Like the mobile Filtair MWX series, the SWX series uses surface-loading nanofibre filters designed specifically to capture the sub-micron particles found in welding fumes, including hexavalent chromium and manganese.

Because the nanofibre filters are ‘surface-loading’, they offer more holding capacity and less pressure drop than competitive, ‘depth-loading’ fume filters.

The SWX-S and SWX-D provide 875ft3/min airflow for excellent fume removal up to the maximum recommended hood distance of 14in (355.6mm) from the welding arc.

Designed for heavy-duty industrial use, both models are suitable for continuous filtration of stick, flux-cored, MIG and TIG fumes.

For added application flexibility, both SWX models are available with one or two extraction arms that come in lengths of 7, 10 or 12ft (2.1, 3 or 3.7m).

The extraction arms are designed to stay in position and won’t sag over the course of the day.

The SWX-S model features a ‘pulse-jet’ cleaning mechanism that removes fume particles and restores the filter in approximately one-minute, significantly reducing the downtime associated with filter changeovers and the self-cleaning cycles of competitive products.

SWX series products are covered by a one-year parts and labour warranty.

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