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Cebora’s Jaguar Double Pulse 2035/MD MIG/MAG inverter welding power source with synergic and double-pulse synergic welding capability from Wilkinson Star has received Thatcham accreditation.

The Jaguar was assessed and was found to perform in compliance with TQA criteria for repair equipment in MIG brazing.

This is a new criteria to demonstrate a welding machine’s ability to generate a consistent and effective braze as a part of Thatcham Quality Accreditation (TQA), a verification programme for the assessment and recognition of automotive aftermarket devices.

The Jaguar was rigorously tested to predefined criteria established by Thatcham and, where appropriate, its partnering organisations.

This testing, supported by the examination of quality system and manufacturing process controls, is intended to provide confidence in the product performance and an objective evaluation of its capabilities.

Thatcham’s criterion and testing methods, utilising a semi-automated fixed bed, ensure that the machine is capable of producing brazed joints and is able to repeatedly deliver consistent, tightly controlled bead height while maintaining a good penetration of the braze without adversely affecting the base metal or creating excess splatter.

Jaguar Double Pulse is a fully synergic digital machine using a 230V 50/60Hz single-phase power supply and is equipped with a double wire feeder, two wire spool holders for 5-15kg spools and two outlets for two welding torches so that the welder can use two different types of wire without the need to change the wire spool.

It is designed for both the MIG/MAG welding and MIG brazing of a range of weldable materials, including mild steel, galvanised steel, aluminium and stainless steel, as well as special high-strength steels.

It is suitable for use in car and commercial vehicle body repair work and for general fabrication where a component is manufactured using different materials.

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