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Migatronic’s 400A Omega 400 welding machine utilises the advantages of inverter technology and is suitable for heavy-duty production and construction welding in thick-walled plates.

It is available in air-cooled and water-cooled versions, and with the basic and advanced configuration possibilities – like the other machines in the Omega range.

The Omega 400 can be equipped with a water-cooling unit – a new feature that comes with two different synergic control panels.

The basic panel is suited for simple workshop and site-welding operations, and is optimised for mild steel.

Once the welder has set the desired plate thickness and gas type, the machine and its synergic program will automatically adjust all other parameters.

The advanced version targets an all-round use pattern and is suitable for the industrial welding of sheet metal and thick-walled plates.

It enables welding and MIG brazing using wires in mild-steel, aluminium and stainless materials.

Standard functions include tack welding and Migatronic Duo Plus with automatic changeover between two sequences, as well as reversed polarity for welding with innershield wires (without gas).

The Omega 400 features central connection for all types of torches and is available with the Migatronic Dialog torch.

Its standby functions ensure a low consumption of energy.

The machine is supplied with the requested program package but, by means of an SD card as optional feature, update of program package and software can be sent by e-mail.

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