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A welding end prep tool for bevelling heavy-wall pipes in offshore platforms and pipelines where the weld is critical because of high-pressure requirements is available from Esco Tool.

The Millhog Dictator ID clamping welding end prep tool is designed for use on heavy-wall pipes up to 508mm diameter that are made of stainless steel, super duplex, P91 and other hard alloys.

Featuring a template that allows bevel angle transitions for compound bevels, a cross-feed mechanism guides a single point cutting bit around the pipe to create precise bevels.

Delivering 553kgf.m of torque, the Millhog Dictator ID clamping welding end prep tool is equipped with a standard pneumatic motor and has dual-opposed tapered roller bearings for optimum rigidity.

The cutting bits are made from titanium-nitride (TiN) coated high-speed tool steel and no cutting fluids are required.

This tool is also available with a hydraulic motor.

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