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Westermo Data Communications has released a range of industrial Ethernet switches designed to guarantee data transmission in applications with severe operating conditions and extreme environments.

The 50mm-thick Viper series of eight-port switches have M12 connectors, an IP65 sealed metal case and no sensitive or fragile components.

This makes them suitable for situations where mechanical stress, moisture, condensation, dirt or continuous vibrations could adversely affect the function of standard Ethernet switches.

The Viper switches have a 100-year MTBF (mean time between failure) as well as meeting the EN 50155 standard for electronic equipment used in railway applications.

The units also have the ability to work in temperatures between -40 to +70C, making them suitable for installations in unconditioned cabinets.

The units have an operating voltage of 19-120V DC.

The Viper 408 managed version of the switch offers the Westermo FRNT (fast recovery of network topology) redundant ring functionality.

FRNT is able to reconfigure a redundant ring network within 20ms, regardless of network load.

This functionality enables the managed Viper switches to be used in safety critical applications such as railway systems, tunnels and traffic signal control.

Real-time properties are also available on the Viper 408 in order to achieve determinism for critical applications.

The device supports QoS (quality of service) with four priority queues and strict priority scheduling as well as HoL (head of line blocking prevention).

These features enable the switch to run high availability services safely.

The Viper 408 also supports VLAN and IGMP snooping, which help to achieve reliable use of bandwidth and maintain the functionality of the network.

Management of the switches is through the Windows-based IP configuration tool or via SNMP (simple network management protocol).

The IP configuration tool comes free with the package and any of the Ethernet ports can be used.

No serial port is required for configuring the switch.

The range also includes an unmanaged version.

The Viper 108 industrial Ethernet switch is specifically for creating multi-drop and star network topologies.

All Viper products are compatible with Westermo Lynx devices, allowing networks of both switch types to be created.

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