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Westermo Data Communications has added a high speed unit for simple point-to-point applications to its Wolverine range of industrial Ethernet line extenders.

Three existing Wolverine Ethernet line extenders – the DDW-220, 221 and 222 – have also been Atex-approved according to II 3G Eex nA IIT5 and can now be fitted in Zone 2 environments.

This means they can now be applied to potentially explosive environments.

The Wolverine series uses SHDSL technology to establish a high-speed remote connection between two Ethernet networks using any existing twisted pair copper cables.

The high speed DDW-120 Ethernet line extender can extend Ethernet networks over copper cables where in the past the only option would have been fibre.

The DDW-120 is suitable for point-to-point applications or as a start or termination unit, together with the DDW-220/221/222 in daisy-chain applications.

At shorter ranges, the data rate will be as high as 5.7 Mbit/s in both directions.

Transmission distances of up to 10km can be achieved at lower data rates (depending on the quality of the cables), although much greater distances have been achieved in practical applications.

The units will auto-negotiate the transmission speed but can also be forced to choose a slower (more reliable) or faster (less reliable) data rate.

The DDW-120 can operate between -25 and +70C.

Total galvanic isolation and transient protection of the electronics make it suitable for the railway industry.

The DDW-120 is transparent for multicast addressing, allows VPN (virtual private network) pass-through for IPSec (internet protocol security) and can be used with Modbus/ TCP and PROFINET I/O protocols.

The DDW-120 also features link fault forward (LFF) functionality whereby the Ethernet link status is sent over the SHDSL link between two units.

Westermo Data Communications

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