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A gas turbine maintenance company has enjoyed 16 years of reliable service and productivity thanks to surface preparation and finishing machinery supplied and maintained by Wheelabrator.

The Wheelabrator machinery includes pressure blast cabinets, which are used for the surface preparation of turbine blades and rings, CD-type circular vibratory bowls needed to polish turbine-blade aerofoils, and wetblast cabinets for the removal of deposits on engine casings and turbine blades.

Wheelabrator said that throughout the relationship with the company, its equipment has met expectations in terms of operating efficiency and reliability both during production hours and between service intervals.

Every piece of equipment is regularly serviced by dedicated Wheelabrator service engineer, John Anderson, who has extensive knowledge of what the business relies on each day.

Anderson has built up a strong awareness of the company’s business needs, ensuring it can meet productivity targets and deliver the service its customers expect.

The operating efficiency of a blast machine is the key to achieving maximum output at the lowest cost.

Machine downtime caused by poor upkeep, lack of maintenance and general neglect can be extremely disruptive, very expensive and have a negative impact on output and production levels.

The joint venture company has taken steps to combat any unnecessary and costly machine downtime by having a Wheelabrator Plus service contract in place.

This involves regular visits from a designated specialist engineer, full machinery inspections and the option of a direct telephone line during working hours to provide immediate assistance between visits.

The contract also includes on-site replacement of damaged or out-of-date parts, therefore reducing unnecessary waste, downtime and production costs, while providing the customer with peace of mind knowing that it has a machine that complies with the latest health and safety regulations.

Wheelabrator Group, the world leader in surface preparation technology has merged with DISA Group, the biggest name in moulding and casting technology, to form the world’s leading metallic parts improvement company*. The united organisation offers over 200 years expertise and experience, employs 2200 people over 5 continents, has 5 technology centres (France, Germany, Canada, Switzerland and Denmark) and a further 5 manufacturing facilities (India, Czech Republic, China, USA and Poland).

Wheelabrator has a reputation for innovation spanning 100 years and it’s surface preparation equipment is designed to clean, strengthen and polish metallic surfaces. Wheelabrator utilises airblast, wheelblast and vibratory mass finishing technologies to deliver these benefits to customers in over 100 countries and serves such diverse industries as Aerospace, Automotive Energy, Foundry, Medical Components, Rail and Marine.

Wheelabrator Plus is the aftermarket division of Wheelabrator providing spare parts, service and services. Through its services customers are able to extend the life of existing equipment via training, maintenance and equipment modernisation programmes, deferring the need to spend money on new equipment, but still stay ahead of the game in terms of innovation, first class production efficiency, output, environmental responsibility and sustainability.

*Norican Group is the parent company of Wheelabrator and DISA.

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