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Brush Traction uses Whitelegg/Baker testers for the servicing and repairs of all aspects of locomotive electric traction motors.

The company, an autonomous part of the Brush Group, which also includes Brush Electric Motors and Brush Transformers, services and repairs diesel electric generator sets (both DC and AC), alternators and auxiliary motors.

In addition, bogie frames and wheels sets are built and serviced at Brush Traction’s Falkirk plant.

Whitelegg/Baker testers are said to play a significant part in motor testing, with the provision of a Baker D12 surge tester along with an AT101 high-current bar-to-bar test unit designed to maximise motor testing effectiveness in a lightweight, rugged format.

The Baker units are used to carry out a number of standard tests on DC and AC motor fields, including alternators and auxiliary and compressor motors, to detect inter-turn shorts.

The D12R instrument is also used for testing AC traction motor stators, these being asynchronous induction motors.

At Brush Traction, the D12R provides winding resistance, DC flash and surge tests, with the ability to store and download up to 10 sets of test results.

The AT-101 bar-to-bar unit can be used in conjunction with the D12R to provide testing for DC armatures.

Baker surge testing is a method of detecting weak turn-to-turn insulation (copper to copper), which will eventually lead to premature motor failure.

The surge test works by sending high-voltage impulses into the winding, creating a potential difference between the turns.

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