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Nexus GB, the UK partner of portable data token manufacturer Datakey Electronics, has released a whitepaper entitled ‘Transferring Data in Non-Networked Applications’.

The release covers considerations such as data transport, choosing portable memory, functionality, environmental considerations and product lifecycle.

Common applications for non-networked data transfer using portable memory include manufacturing, processing, medical device design, secure communications, recipe uploads in food processing and service, unattended fuelling and cashless vending.

The whitepaper argues that, even though an increasing number of embedded applications are networked via wired or wireless methods, many system designers are deciding that, in their new applications, data transport will be done through non-networked means.

In applications where networking is not possible or practical, engineers are faced with the challenge of transferring data to and from their products through a portable data carrier – a physical device containing non-volatile memory used for data storage and transfer.

The type of data that can be transferred includes firmware updates, feature enhancements, calibration data, configuration/recipe uploads, data logs and usage monitoring/limiting.

John Barrett, managing director of Nexus, said: ‘We hope this whitepaper will help more designers working on non-networked applications avoid expensive mistakes.

‘There are a number of options for portable data carriers available and engineers need to be sure that what they choose is well suited for their application.

‘Commonly used consumer-based options such as smart cards, USB flash drives and memory cards are not rugged enough for OEM [original equipment manufacturer] applications and come with many hidden costs and risks,’ he added.

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