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Austin Hughes Europe has introduced widescreen options on the W series of screen keyboard KVM drawers and the WS series of SUN screen keyboard KVM drawers.

They are available with 19in Samsung Class A LCD panels.

The W and WS series are modelled on an enhanced version of the RKP series, offering improved aesthetics and a new front panel design encompassing two quick-release screen locking points.

The W version has an LCD resolution of 1440 x 900, while the WS SUN version has SUN Native LCD resolution of 1152 x 900 and the full SUN-compatible keyboard provides a trackball, a 104-key notepad keyboard with full numerical pad and SUN function key support including stop, cut, paste and compose.

W and WS Versions are available with a single USB/PS2 DB15 combo port or an integrated KVM switch.

The KVM options include eight or 16 port USB/PS2 combo versions, eight, 16 or 32 port Cat 6 interfaces with or without IP, which support one or two independent users.

Option also include eight, 16 or 32 port Matrix Cat 6/DB-15 interfaces with or without IP, which support two, three or four independent users.

The KVM enabled units can be stacked with the CV and U series of rack mount KVM switches to enable access to up to 256 servers.

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