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Widia is announcing a premium performance platform, Widia Victory, covering the latest product developments for higher productivity and lower costs for metalworking manufacturers.

The Widia Victory platform will include extensions to the Widia M1200 series face-milling cutters and inserts, TN series turning grades specifically engineered for steel and cast-iron applications, and the Top Drill M1 modular drilling system.

Additions to the M1200 Series of face-milling cutters and inserts from Widia are said to be providing superior results for manufacturers working in steels, stainless steels, high-strength steels, cast irons and even non-ferrous materials.

In addition to the M1200 face-milling range, Widia has added grades and geometries specifically for machining aluminum and non-ferrous materials, as well as another member to the series, the M1200HF face-milling system.

‘With 12 cutting edges, the M1200 series offers many cutting edges per insert, which all perform at higher speeds and feeds while achieving lower power consumption,’ said Josef Fellner, global product manager, indexable milling team, Widia.

The TN7100 series is a group of coated-carbide Widia inserts for turning steels.

It is specifically engineered for finishing, medium-duty and rough machining of all types of alloyed and unalloyed steels.

The TN7100 series is claimed to deliver value on key productivity metrics such as surface finish, longer tool life, consistent performance and lower manufacturing costs.

The TN7105 coated-carbide grade from Widia is specially developed for light to medium turning applications in steel with a projected 30 per cent performance increase over previous Widia grades.

Improved edge toughness provides smooth outer surfaces that increase tool life through reduced friction and workpiece sticking.

An alpha aluminum layer supplies improved coating integrity at higher speeds, making higher productivity possible at high cutting temperatures.

The Widia TN5105 carbide grade for turning is engineered for medium machining and finishing cast and ductile irons.

It is claimed to provide value in such key performance metrics as surface finish, extended tool life and consistent performance, with lower overall manufacturing costs as the result.

With the same wear resistance and edge toughness of TN5105, the TN5120 grade is specifically engineered for medium to rough machining of all cast-iron work materials, including wet and dry machining and interrupted and non-interrupted cuts.

With a high-hardness substrate for superior speed capabilities, TN5120 is also suitable for turning austempered ductile iron (ADI) materials, with their higher strength and toughness characteristics compared to conventional ductile irons and forged steels.

ADI materials are commonly found in heavy truck, bus, automotive, railroad, agricultural and other heavy-duty components.

The Top Drill M1 modular drill from Widia combines the benefits of modular drilling systems with machining performance and hole quality comparable to solid-carbide tools.

The modular tools offer feeds/speeds and performance levels commonly achieved with solid-carbide drills.

Metal-removal rates are up to 50 per cent higher than competitive modular drills while providing longer tool life and improved hole quality.

Non-regrindable inserts eliminate the logistical and tool-life challenges associated with using reconditioned inserts.

Widia’s Top Drill M1 provides an alternative to HSS, spade and brazed drills in tough applications, allowing speed and feed increases of 40 to 50 per cent with longer tool life and improved hole quality, according to the company.

Widia customers can be provided with a custom solutions programme for specialised applications.

Widia’s supply-chain services can engineer cost-saving processes for tooling availability, reduced setup times and product tracking that can further increase production capabilities and lower costs.

Online training programmes are also available.

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