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Wightman Stewart, the UK distributor for Wardjet, has introduced the Z-Series of cutting tables.

Designed for both pure water and abrasive waterjet cutting, these gantry machines are available in three different sizes: Z-45, Z-513 and Z-2043.

With its solid cutting bed, the Z-Series is able to accept all kinds of material from sheet metal to granite.

Wardjet’s modular multi-purpose grating system allows parts to be loaded and clamped rigidly anywhere on the table with no risk of movement.

Different grate systems can be used simultaneously allowing one part of the table to be set up for water-only cutting and the other for abrasive cutting.

The Z-Series features ball screws and laser calibration of all systems to map all ball screws.

The X-axis features two linear ways and four bearings per cutting head.

Multiple independent cutting heads positioned on the X-axis crossbeam can be provided.

Having separate cutting heads on completely independent Z-carriages allows freedom to place the heads as close or as far apart as desired within seconds.

Each Z-carriage has its own motor-driven height adjustment configured to incorporate independent height sensors.

When the operator is preparing to cut new parts using multiple heads, the distances between the cutting heads can be adjusted quickly.

The additional heads are mounted on the same bearings as the master carriage; they can slide along the crossbeam and can be locked into position.

This makes it easy to change the distance between the heads, while ensuring they are perpendicular to the material to be cut.

Each Z-Series model offers up to 300mm of Z-axis travel.

This additional distance of travel has been provided as standard as most waterjet companies use multiple cutting heads to produce two parts in the same amount of time it takes to cut one part, thereby increasing production.

Typically, the moment a second head is added, the distance of travel the first head can move is reduced to make space for the additional head.

By using independent carriages instead of a spreader bar, and parking the second carriage in the extra foot of space when not needed, the cutting area in the X-axis is not compromised while still having the full 300mm of cutting with the Z-axis.

Four Z-carriages can be placed on the same crossbeam, each with its own height sensor.

The traditional method of adding multiple cutting heads to a waterjet is to mount them on a spreader bar.

Wardjet does offer this as an option, but said that experience shows repositioning head spacing with a spreader bar can be tedious and time consuming.

It also generates the associated costs and downtime.

For use with the Z-Series, Wightman Stewart recommends the multiple axis X-Classic touch-screen controller with 8-32 programmable axis and the facility for upgrading at any time to a fully functional five-axis waterjet system.

The X-Classic has a Windows XP Professional operating system interface.

It includes an extensive shapes library, multifunctional control, internet connection and automatic updates.

Alternatively, users can opt for the lower specification XL controller.

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