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Wilcox Associates, a Hexagon Metrology company, has released its PC-DMIS Planner software.

According to the company, this toolset improves the flow of information between the design department, which designs parts in the virtual computer-aided-design (CAD) world, and the engineering departments, which manage the quality control function and inspect as-built parts in the real world.

PC-DMIS Planner was developed to create a formalised, two-directional data flow between a CAD model and its related inspection part programs.

Within many companies today, design modifications such as tolerance adjustments are communicated downstream through informal methods such as a phone call or a marked-up drawing.

PC-DMIS Planner automates these communication links so that CAD file revisions can be electronically communicated to quality control, keeping all departments in sync.

Joe Zink, product manager for PC-DMIS Planner, said: ‘Additions, deletions and changes to a CAD model are often dealt with using ad-hoc methods prone to error.

‘PC-DMIS Planner is a solution designed to formally communicate new information, automatically identify the specific impact to inspection programs and keep an ongoing record of all changes,’ he added.

The design engineer can use PC-DMIS Planner to identify and embed information about critical characteristics in a planning file that is associated with the product’s CAD file.

PC-DMIS Planner offers Direct CAD Interface technology, which interfaces directly to the CAD model in the original CAD database, so updated planning files can be associated with updated CAD files.

Change Management tools within PC-DMIS Planner allow the user to identify changes to an original part model or inspection plan and provide methods to update part programs based on the new information.

PC-DMIS Planner is available as a standalone module that works within the PC-DMIS 2010 Enterprise Metrology suite of products.

The software is compatible with all editions of PC-DMIS for all types of hardware, including co-ordinate measuring machines, vision machines, portable devices and machine tools.

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