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Wildeck has introduced two safety swing gates that protect personnel within manufacturing operations, distribution centres, third-party logistics centres, warehouses and storerooms.

The Laddergard safety swing gates protect personnel at potentially dangerous openings such as loading dock ladders, mezzanine or work platform ladders, rooftop access ladders, maintenance access ladders, stairway openings, equipment and machinery platform ladders and stairs.

Ron Burke, director of manufacturing at the company, said: ‘One of the first installations of our new Laddergard safety swing gate was to protect Wildeck’s own loading dock truck pit ladder, which drivers climb every day to access our shipping and receiving area.

‘Besides the safety railing that surrounds our truck pit, the new Laddergard gate has added an additional measure of safety for truck drivers and delivery personnel in this high-traffic area,’ he added.

The Laddergard safety swing gates are self closing and meet OSHA 1910.23 safety requirements.

They are constructed of strong structural steel, which withstands daily use and abuse.

All Laddergard gates are painted with a durable two-part polyurethane coating, which is a bright safety yellow colour for high visibility, even in low-light conditions.

They are available in two sizes that are adjustable to fit 16in- to 26in-wide openings or 27in- to 40in-wide openings.

All mounting hardware is included and gates can be installed to existing pipe rails measuring up to 2in in diameter.

Wildeck offers a range of safety guarding products, including Laddergard safety swing gates, mezzanine safety gates, safety ladders, guard rails, machine guards and rack protectors.

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