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Willtek Communications has introduced the 2305 Stabilock, a new member of the 2300 series designed for Tetra measurements.

The 2305 Stabilock supports repair and go/no go testing at both mobile radios and base stations.

The new instrument will be available from June 2010.

The new instrument can test base stations with separate antenna connectors for the transmitter and receiver.

The 2305 takes measurements at a transmit power of up to 100W, making it the ideal instrument for tests at base-station cabinets.

The Stabilock series has a large and bright easy-to-read display.

Weighing less than 4kg and fitted with an optional battery, the instrument can easily be used for measurements in the field, whether at base stations or radio terminals installed in vehicles.

With the extension of its Tetra test portfolio, Willtek reinforces its dedication to the PMR (professional mobile radio) business.

The base-station test capabilities are now also available in the 2303 Stabilock, but for small and medium-sized base stations with lower-output levels only.

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