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Willtek Communications has introduced the 2801 Multilock: a small, lightweight communication tester providing a number of test capabilities in a single instrument.

The 2801 Multilock, which is available immediately, is designed to support service shops repairing radio terminals and other radio-frequency (RF) equipment, up to 3GHz.

The device is a future-proof service tester because it supports digital and conventional two-way radio systems.

DMR, an ETSI standard for digital mobile radio, is also available.

Meanwhile, an option for APCO P25, the US standard for public safety and security communications, is being developed.

Tom Riedl, Willtek’s product marketing manager, said, ‘Digital systems were meant to displace analogue systems, but there’s life in analogue radio yet because these two-way radio systems are easy to install and maintain.

‘The Multilock is a versatile tester, integrating everything that repair shops need to test and fix radio terminals and systems,’ he added.

The device has a large, bright display for operation in sunlight and has options for battery operation, remote control and cable fault finding.

The instrument can be configured for a range of laboratory and field applications.

Willtek Communications

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