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Wilmat has designed and manufactured a number of bespoke manual handling trucks for Magnox North’s Wyfla power station in Anglesey, North Wales.

The power station houses switchgear and low-voltage circuit breakers, which need to be maintained, repaired or transported around the station with ease.

Wilmat was called in when the current handling trucks were constantly in need of repair and maintenance.

Jayson Slingsby, electrical systems engineer at Magnox North, said: ‘All our manual lifting equipment was past its prime.

‘The trucks that we had been using were old, repairs became more frequent and it was very difficult, almost impossible, to find spare parts.

‘Nearly all of the previous trucks’ manufacturers and suppliers had stopped trading.

‘We needed a truck that would be adaptable to work with some very old, heavy equipment and equally some new switchgear,’ he added.

Wilmat’s designers devised made-to-measure handling trucks taking into account all the external factors that affect usage.

Andy Capella, Wilmat’s sales and technical director, said: ‘Our designers developed a thorough research brief, ensuring that the trucks were able to house interchangeable lifting fittings and accommodate the sometimes narrow width of turning areas between racking and cabinets.

‘All Wilmat trucks are manufactured and tested to comply with EU Health and Safety legislation, so compliance was never an issue,’ he added.

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