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Napatech has added WinPCAP support to its intelligent real-time network adapters.

WinPCAP is incorporated in the Windows driver, one of the fastest Windows drivers for Ethernet applications.

The same packet capture feature set and high performance can be supported across Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

WinPCAP is Windows support for PCAP, the popular open source packet capture interface.

Napatech’s implementation supports Windows 2003/2008 and XP 32/64bit.

WinPCAP is used by many third-party applications, such as Wireshark and Snort.

Napatech’s recently released support for Windows drivers on its intelligent real-time network adapters has succeeded in achieving full 10Gbps packet capture performance.

This allows the same level of high-performance packet capture of IP and Ethernet data already attained using Linux and FreeBSD drivers.

Napatech intelligent adapters are ideal for OEM network appliance vendors in the network performance monitoring, test and measurement, security and optimisation markets.

For vendors that require full 1Gbps and 10Gbps throughput, Napatech intelligent adapters provide a cost-effective solution with accurate time-stamping and full line-rate reception and transmission of data traffic with zero packet loss.

Features such as advanced protocol and flow recognition, filtering and intelligent distribution of traffic processing on up to 32 CPU cores enable intelligent offload and acceleration of applications.

An extensive software suite is provided for ease of integration supporting Linux, FreeBSD and Windows.

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