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KSW Microtec has launched a windscreen inlay, offering customers more accurate, efficient and secure vehicle access to various locations and premises.

With a read range of approximately 5.5m and a larger memory chip, the inlay can benefit both commercial fleet operators of cars or trucks, as well as private vehicle owners requiring secure access and safer parking.

As it has higher individual data storage capacities on the chip, the inlay is suitable for managing access to corporate parking lots, high-security commercial and industrial areas or gated residential communities.

It can also be used to control entry and exit gates to automotive services such as toll stations, car rental parks or car washes.

Thomas Hitzer, chief executive officer of KSW Microtec said: ‘Due to the customised antenna design and an efficient assembly technology, the RFID inlay from KSW does not require a foam standoff like other windshield tag designs, and this is a unique feature of our product.’ The inlay uses the Gen2 chip with its increased 512-bit user memory.

Gen2 chip technology allows for multiple tag reads, faster read rates and greater range for tracking entrances, exits and traffic patterns within closed environments.

As the KSW label uses passive RFID technology, it offers a more economic option than active windscreen tags currently available.

KSW Microtec

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