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Quality Systems International (QSI) has created a software application that simplifies consumables management.

The Winlims stock-control module allows a stock record to be created for each consumable item used during an analysis procedure.

The stock record includes the suppliers’ details, a description of the consumable item, opening stock figures, re-order levels, re-order amounts, shelf life and the cost per item or amount.

With each receipt of stock, the supplier’s batch details are recorded, including the cost per item, date it was receipted and the quantity for each specific shipment.

Clive Collier, QSI’s managing director, said: ‘With the Winlims stock-control solution, the user can define the analysis method, select the consumables used with this method and detail the amount of each consumable used to perform the analysis.

‘So when processing samples, any assigned methods that use consumables will trigger the reduction of each consumable’s stock level by the amount defined by the method.

‘When reorder levels are hit, the users are prompted to order new supplies, which will prevent them from running out of stock,’ he finished.

The new stock-control solution also enables traceability of the used consumables to be associated with the analysis samples being processed.

The system will not allow any consumables outside of their shelf life to be assigned to a method.

The quality loop is effectively completed by being able to show, for each sample tested, that the methods have been performed correctly and the consumables used were in specification and within their shelf life.

The Winlims rental scheme makes Lims technology available to all companies for a low cost and risk free.

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