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Newey and Eyre has added the Newlec wire basket cable tray and accessories to its cable management range to help contractors and installers work efficiently and competitively.

Steel wire baskets have been rapidly replacing steel cable trays in many applications during recent years.

The lightweight Newlec basket system is said to achieve the same results as heavier and less flexible standard cable trays for many installations.

The wire basket cable tray includes safety flanges and a manageable ‘cut, bend and join’ structure, allowing it to be cut and formed on-site with minimal tools.

With a range of fast-fit connectors and accessories available, the system adapts easily to any installation layout and is claimed to save more than 30 per cent installation time.

Offering a corrosion-resistant Bycro finish, contractors can ‘fit and forget’ the Newlec wire basket cable tray, which also meets EN61537, E90 fire performance, UL classification and Class 4 corrosion protection.

Newey and Eyre has launched a dedicated how-to guide, providing simple step-by-step illustrations and a range of layouts that can be achieved.

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