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Contax is introducing the latest generation of the cut and strip machine from Komax, Switzerland.

The Kappa 310 has been designed with ease of use and speed of production in mind.

The machine has a sensor system that allows it to be used without extensive training or process knowledge.

Sensors enable the Kappa 310 to measure the diameter of a conductor inside a wire automatically so that production of a new wire can start without any time-consuming set-up or data entry.

Coupled with a fast drive roller opening/closing and a feeding speed of up to 4m/s, high production rates can be achieved.

Although this latest generation Kappa is faster than its predecessor, the 310 also offers a wider range of processing capability.

The Kappa 310 is rated at up to 10mm outside diameter and up to 6mm2 cross section of stranded copper wire.

‘When processing 100mm with a half strip, the Kappa 310 can produce nearly two pieces per second, which is 6,800 pieces per hour,’ said Phil Shorten, cable machine division director at Contax.

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