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Precision Micro has installed a high-precision CNC driven Wire EDM machine to incorporate fine, high aspect ratio features into components.

The Wire EDM machine can produce precision high-aspect ratio apertures with surface finishes down to Ra 0.1um, which eliminates the need for subsequent polishing on many applications.

Mick Taylor, market development manager for Precision Micro, said: ’To further increase the productivity of an already very efficient machine, we have invested in a low profile, universal, work holding tooling system.

’By presetting the work piece away from the machine, we are able to minimise machine set-up times, improve flexibility and increase our machine capacity, all of which helps us to be more competitive.’ In a recent request for a component incorporating high aspect ratio features, a major opto-electronics customer needed some multi-aperture plates from a 0.50mm-thick special stainless material.

The item could be manufactured economically using precision etching techniques, but the design included a fine radial slot only 0.2mm wide, an aspect ratio outside the capabilities of the etching process.

The design also asked for a high-quality cut surface finish and dimensional accuracy of +/- four microns.

By combining its precision etching and wire EDM processes, Precision Micro was able to meet the demands economically without the need for custom tooling.

Precision Micro is one of the largest specialist components manufacturing operations in Europe, innovating, developing and utilizing a unique combination of manufacturing processes to meet the needs of customers worldwide.

The company has pioneered developments in chemical etching, electroforming and mechanical forming, achieving standards admired by the industry and appreciated by customers in automotive, communications, aerospace, electronics, medical, military and other ‘high-tech’ engineering industries.

More than Europe’s largest independent chemical etching operation, Precision Micro is generally considered to be the technology leader in its industry having developed new innovative process routes (LEEF and LEEP) that have reset benchmarks for precision, accuracy and repeatability.

We specialize in production technologies that provide economic, low risk, fast, flexible solutions for our customers, minimizing their up-front cost exposure through the use of digital tooling while providing the fastest ‘time to market’. Providing prototypes within hours and volume requirements in a timely and economical fashion, using the very same process technologies is what Precision Micro is all about.

Precision Micro… The name for Technology, Expertise, Innovation and Quality in precision components manufacture.

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