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Cambridge Electron Beam has installed the Sodick from Sodi-Tech EDM, enabling it to cut cycle times by 50 per cent when producing large heater parts for MOCVD machines.

MOCVD Metallic Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition is used to produce photonic devices by depositing very thin layers of chemicals on wafer substrates, which are then used in devices such as solar cells, laser diodes, LEDs and VCSEL lasers.

Final applications for the technology are in the manufacture of consumer electronic products such as televisions, DVD players and mobile phones.

The Sodick AQ900 CNC wire EDM has built-in automatic wire-threading technology and features XYZ axis travels of 915 x 610 x 405mm, and UV axis travel of 935 x 630mm.

It can accommodate workpieces measuring up to 1,220 x 915 x 405mm and weighing up to 2,000kg.

There are three chief component parts to each MOCVD heater: a cam-shaped centre section and two annular rings.

Once the wire start-holes have been produced, the molybdenum plate is loaded on to a suitable Sodick machine, which proceeds to profile the three shapes.

Batch sizes are typically around 5-off, although 20- or 30-off is not uncommon.

The optoelectronic properties of GaN can also produce the white light needed for LEDs.

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