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Taiyo Yuden has launched the NRS5020 and NR5040 wire-wound inductors that are claimed to offer the industry’s best DC bias characteristics for 5mm2 power inductors.

The NRS5020 measures 5.0 x 5.0mm, with a maximum height of 2.0mm, while the NR5040 measures 5.0 x 5.0mm, with a maximum height of 4.0mm.

Though more compact than conventional 6.0 x 6.0mm versions, Taiyo Yuden said the new power inductors offer comparable performance.

The NRS5020’s rated current (DC bias allowed current 2.0A, inductance of 4.7uH) is 25 per cent higher than Taiyo Yuden’s previous same-shaped product (value of 1.6A), while the DC resistance (60mohm, inductance 4.7uH) of the new power inductor is 20 per cent lower than the previous product (75mohm).

The NR5040 features a higher rated current of 2.3A, with the widely used inductance of 10uH.

Digital equipment voltage conversion circuits generally use DC/DC converters.

Power inductors used in DC/DC converters must have DC bias characteristics sufficient enough to prevent inductance from declining even when a high DC current is flowing.

In addition, the trend in recent years toward more compact, thinner digital devices means that components such as these must also be smaller.

Both the NRS5020 and the NR5040 are designed for use in DC/DC converters in the latest digital equipment.

The thin NRS5020 is said to be ideal for small devices, including netbook PCs, Blu-Ray drives and digital SLR cameras.

The NR5040 is recommended for flat panel TVs, Blu-Ray disc recorders and more.

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