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Y-Lynx has launched the SWG-RS232-500 long-range smart wireless gateway that can be used to replace miles of cable in industrial applications.

The compact and robust SWG-RS232-500 is capable of transferring up to 20km away, a serial thanks to 500mW radio frequency signal.

The technology is said to be easy to install and easy to use, and Y-Lynx described it as an ideal solution for wireless sensor networks.

Gael Coron, chief executive offer at Y-Lynx, said: ‘Now, replacing cables with wireless technology becomes cost-effective and efficient.

‘Applications are everywhere; there are so many wire communications between devices using the RS232 standard that can easily be replaced with a wireless bridge,’ he added.

A sensitivity level of -114dBm and an output power of +27dBm give the SWG-RS232-500 the best budget link (-141dBm) available, claimed Y-Lynx.

This effectively avoids the use of repeaters in many instances.

Software-selectable settings allow users to customise all parameters offered by the embedded TRM8053-500 wireless module.

This permits the SWG-RS232-500 to fit to any wireless applications such as battery operated systems by efficient power management and additional features allowing the sending of a message on time only to several clients without any collisions.

The SWG-RS232-500 is dedicated to challenging applications and is housed in an aluminium casing.

Accepting power supply from 4V to 24V, the SWG-RS232-500 offers flexibility and can be adapted to many existing RS232 installations.

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