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Eaton has supplied wiring accessories with clip-on cover plates to meet the visibility requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act for a school in the London Borough of Lambeth.

Approximately 14,000 of Eaton’s Copa accessories were installed in the first phase of the project, which opened in April, and another 16,000 will be installed in the second phase, due for completion in September 2010.

Stockwell Park High School is being totally rebuilt under the government’s Building Schools for the Future programme and will eventually provide the latest educational facilities for 1,200 pupils, a 33 per cent increase on the present capacity.

The school makes full use of modern IT equipment for teachers and pupils.

This called for extensive provision of socket outlets and data connection facilities.

Teaching areas have one or more ‘teaching walls’ equipped with conventional whiteboards and interactive projection facilities.

Socket outlets and data connection units are installed in wall boxes as well as two-compartment trunking and below-floor access units.

Another element of the design is ‘feature strips’ inside the main doorways.

These are brightly coloured vertical service pillars that house the main lighting control switch and a variety of other control and communication devices including power and data outlets, WiFi access points, CO2 alarms, window controls, thermostats and public address equipment.

Architects Sheppard Robson specified that electrical accessories should contrast with their surroundings to ensure compliance with the visibility requirements of the Building Regulations Part M and the Disability Discrimination Act.

After considering various options, Richard Gilbert, project manager for electrical and mechanical services contractor, EIC of Alcester, selected Eaton’s Copa clip-on plate accessories.

‘We wanted accessories with separate cover plates so that we could install them and then leave them for decoration to take place before we clip on the cover plates,’ he said.

Eaton’s Copa accessories satisfied both the visibility and installation requirements.

A grey finish was selected to satisfy the visibility requirements and match the finish of other internal fittings.

The plates are clearly visible whether they are installed in white walls, UPVC trunking or in the coloured feature strips.

Copa accessories span the whole range of devices including lighting switches, power accessories and datacom outlets.

At Stockwell Park High School there is extensive use of twin switched socket outlets, spur connection units, lighting switches and data connection plates.

In addition, Eaton metal-clad twin switched socket outlets are installed on the floor slab below the service access traps.

Copa accessories are available with a choice of 10 different plate finishes.

They are designed for ease of installation and can be fully installed, tested and left energised before the cover plates are fitted.

This means that decorators can paint right up to the accessories without damaging or splashing the cover plates and that installation of the plates themselves can be left to the last moment before handover.

Cover plates can be removed safely at a later date to permit redecoration.

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