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Tekdata has completed development of the wiring harness for an aerospace manufacturer’s actuation system, to be fitted to the Elgear electrically actuated landing gear of the Airbus A320.

This actuation system has a number of features to help minimise size, weight, assembly time and maintenance change-out time.

The harness is fixed to the outside of the landing gear actuator, and combines connections for three-phase power, earth return, and 12 signal lines.

The harness incorporates proximity sensors which operate through the actuator housing and therefore have high-performance seals corresponding precisely with each aperture to prevent ingress of moisture, dust or other contaminants when the plane is on the ground or in the air.

The compound cable takes this data, the control signals for the actuator itself, data from sensors within the actuator body, and power to the actuator in a configuration that eliminates electrical interference and cross-talk.

The design of the mouldings contributes significantly to minimising overall size and weight.

It also provides physical and environmental protection for the sensors.

By developing secure, clip-together assembly and interlocking features, Tekdata’s design team also addressed aircraft operators’ demands for standard 15-minute change-out times to allow fast turnaround of hard-working commercial aircraft.

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