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Wavecom has announced the launch of its Wismo (wireless standard modem) family of entry-level GSM/GPRS modems for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

The product line provides wireless voice and data connectivity in a highly compact form factor and at a competitive price, without compromising M2M industry specific requirements.

The WISMO modem is easy to use, according to Wavecom.

Wavecom’s Expresso ‘Discover and Learn’ Microsoft Windows tool enables integrators to view the standardised AT command interface while operating the Wismo features.

It is easy to integrate in existing automated or manual assembly lines, thanks to its castellation form factor, which also facilitates the visual control on the manufacturing line.

Wavecom said it is easy to service in the field, thanks to the manual removal possibilities provided by the castellation design.

The Wismo modem benefits from good manufacturing quality and delivery performance.

The Wismo is produced on an ISO TS 16949 (automotive standard) certified manufacturing site, and benefits from all the inspection equipment already in place for automotive-grade products.

Regarding deliveries, 95 per cent of shipments from the factory arrive within four weeks from the order date and the on-time delivery rate is close to 100 per cent, equating to logistics benefits for customers operating efficient just-in-time manufacturing processes.

The purchasing price of the Wismo includes essential intellectual property rights (IPR) coverage for the GSM/GPRS standards.

The IPR coverage provided by Wavecom means that Wavecom customers do not have to negotiate their own complex licensing agreements with essential patent holders, and they are also legally protected from any patent infringement claims from these holders.

Customer product certification is made easy thanks to pre-certification of the ‘all inclusive’ nature of the Wismo, whose design includes all the hardware and software needed to perform the cellular modem function.

Wismo buyers can benefit from Wavecom’s existing range of professional services including design review, global product certification support, three different IMEI handling services, and express or fast delivery should the standard four weeks not be fast enough.

For an even shorter time-to-market, customers can get custom-developed turnkey M2M solutions from Wavecom’s fully-owned subsidiary, Anyware Technologies.

Anyware provides end-to-end M2M solutions based on a generic, secure and scalable platform: the M2M Operatingportal.

The offer includes all the parts of an M2M solution, including the embedded application, device management, asset management, and consumer and enterprise web interfaces hosted and operated on a secure infrastructure.

The M2M Operatingportal is hardware-independent and can integrate wireless modules from any supplier.

The first product in the Wismo family, the Wismo 218, supports multi-bearer (GSM, CSD, SMS, FAX, and GPRS) and multi-codec (HR, FR, EFR, and AMR), measures 25 x 25 x 2.8mm, and is easily placed inside the customer product via either manual or common automated machine placement soldering methods.

Castellation was selected for the first product in the new family as it is ideally matched for a modem with a low number of connection points and offers advantages over the more complex LGA mounting mechanism.

Customer sampling will start in March, followed by commercial availability commencing in May 2009.

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