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Witt has introduced the PA 6.0 line of gas analysers that can be utilised in the food industry or in welding and cutting applications, for example.

With their small size and lightweight design, the analysers can be stored at any place where gas mixtures are processed.

The system can be deployed both for random sampling and for permanent monitoring.

It measures the carbon dioxide and/or oxygen concentration, depending on the model.

When the individually adjustable limit value is reached, the PA triggers an alarm and actuates an isolated contact, which can interrupt the gas supply.

The new PA includes a larger and more informative display in a splashwater-protected housing.

The keyboard and the menu structure have also been extended and enable operation even when wearing gloves.

Menu functions can be blocked individually for users.

The USB interface enables users to import measuring information for external processing from the large internal storage.

Software updates can be installed via SD card in an instant.

The PA performs measurements in 0.1 per cent increments quickly, while consuming less measuring gas compared with conventional devices, according to Witt.

The electronic system with two pressure transmitters enables a permanent flow rate control, with the pump output being adjusted variably.

The best system is useless, however, if the metering needle is blocked.

The PA detects any blockage of the metering needle and immediately triggers an alarm.

The microprocessor-controlled device permanently checks independently, whether all subsystems are functioning properly.

An external printer can be actuated via Bluetooth in order to document the measuring results.

As an alternative, users can opt for the PA version featuring an integrated thermal printer.

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