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Witt has added a Bluetooth interface and a built-in barcode reader to its Oxybaby 6.0 hand-held gas analyser, which can help perform quality control checks in food packaging applications.

The Oxybaby analyser weighs 580g and measures 187mm x 106mm x 91mm.

It uses a needle to take random samples and measure the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) in packaging.

The measurement results appear instantly on the illuminated graphics display and are stored in the circulating memory, which has a capacity of 500 measurements.

Using the Bluetooth connection, the readings can be printed out on an ultra-compact label printer that the controller wears on their belt.

The adhesive printouts can then be attached to the test record or the outer packaging, or put in with the products immediately.

Controllers can transfer the readings to a Windows PC for further processing via Bluetooth.

Witt has also incorporated a barcode reader into the analyser’s slimline casing to enable faster workflows.

Controller can use this function to assign their own name, a line of packaging or a product to a measurement simply by scanning the relevant barcode.

The analyser is able to distinguish between up to 25 users, 50 lines of packaging and 100 products.

It takes six seconds to determine the gas concentration, which is then displayed in increments of 0.1 per cent.

Measurements are taken in a range between 0 and 100 per cent.

The analyser even recognises when the measuring needle is obstructed, thus ruling out any measuring errors.

The casing of the Oxybaby 6.0 is hygienic and impact resistant.

The integrated software includes menu navigation in various languages.

Both the Bluetooth functionality and the barcode reader are optional extras.

In addition to wireless technology, each Oxybaby analyser can be attached to a printer or a PC via its USB port, while barcode readings can be replaced by manual selection via the menu.

The Oxybaby 6.0 comes in a protective case with a charger and is available from specialist retailers or directly from the manufacturer.

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