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Witt has launched an 85-30 flashback arrestor for use with high hydrogen gas flow rates up to 11bar (160psi).

This ‘H’ stainless-steel version of the RF85-30N/H-ES flashback arrestor can also be used for methane gas up to 8bar (116psi) and propane up to 5bar (73psi).

The flashback arrestor is designed for hydrogen flow rates up to 900m3/h (31778SCFH), offering the user protection at 11bar and protecting gas cylinders and gas supply hose outlet points against gas back feeding and flashbacks.

It has an integrated filter to protect against dirt infiltrating the gas supply.

With its compact design (156mm in height x 84mm in width), inner thread and capability to be installed in any orientation, this unit can be retrofitted to gas supply systems with little or no adequate protection, chemical systems susceptible to corrosion and laboratory and industrial process engineering systems.

Carl Long, general manager at Witt UK, said: ‘We would always recommend to gas users to employ the latest technology in flashback arrestors, as not only do they protect the employee, they can place the user at an advantage when it comes to insurance issues.

‘All Witt flashback arrestors are BAM certified.

‘We have introduced this unit to help meet the increasing usage of hydrogen in industry.

‘Approximately 500 billion cubic metres is produced annually around the world,’ he added.

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