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The MG 75 gas mixing system from Witt, a gas safety, control, mixing and analysis equipment supplier, is said to aid product quality in the manufacture of sensitive electronic components.

In the manufacture of highly sensitive electronic components, such as semiconductor production, even a minimal difference in the gas mixture used in the production process can have an adverse effect on product quality and, in some cases, make the product unusable.

Witt’s integrated mass flow controller solution with electronic controlled mixing, metering and analysing components produces precise gas mixing, while automatic error correction ensures a high level of safety in the manufacturing process.

Some manufacturers now use copper in place of gold in the production of semiconductors and this requires a consistent high-quality gas being used with a precise mixing accuracy of five per cent hydrogen and 95 per cent nitrogen.

At the centre of the production process is a digital controller, which co-ordinates and monitors the gas mixing process.

It optimises the mass flow of the fuel gas, compensating for and adjusting any fluctuations in flow pressure or temperature, so that the gas mixture values are held steady throughout the manufacturing process.

The system is controlled using a touch screen or by a remote control.

If the analyser in the system detects the slightest deviation from the preset values, it automatically stops the gas flow and switches to a back-up system, with no interruption to the manufacturing process.

The incorrect gas mixture is vented into a buffer tank using a relief valve mechanism, where it is flushed and the gas is analysed before the mixing process resumes.

As an emergency back-up, the system holds a supply of correctly mixed gas.

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