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The Witt 737LE HD dome pressure regulator has passed a BAM test for being burn-out resistant, when used with oxygen at pressures up to 240 bar and temperatures up to 60C.

These dome pressure regulators are used as a primary pressure regulator in gas supply pipeline systems to ensure a consistent pressure stability up to a flow of 2,300m3/h regardless of the fluctuations in the gas flows, including gas withdrawals.

They are particularly suitable for mounting in pipes for burner and mixing applications and have a remote control to adjust the required outlet pressure.

They are also suitable for applications that require a stable gas supply, such as in shipyards, chemical processing, offshore oil and diving vessels, glass manufacturing, as well as steel making and foundry applications.

The regulators feature integrated pilot pressure and pressure gauge connections and are able to centrally regulate several gas supplies to the same working pressure.

Oxygen is considered a critical application for dome pressure regulators because of the risk of burn-out from spontaneous ignition at high pressures.

These regulators can also be used with most technical gases.

The maximum pre-pressure for the 737LE HD is 240 bar with a regulating range from two to 45 bar.

Witt dome pressure regulators always work in combination with a separate control pressure regulator or proportional valve for adjusting the required working pressure for the user’s process.

A replaceable filter is fitted for ‘clean’ gas, while the compact design enables installation in the most confined spaces.

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