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Water Jet Sweden has entered the micro-precision machining centre market with Finecut AB, which has developed a range of ‘fine abrasive waterjet’ (FAW) models.

WJS and Finecut aim to capture small, fine abrasive waterjet applications, including production of miniature components that require minute cutting techniques.

The FAW’s design closely resembles that of the familiar machining centre, being a totally encased standalone unit, complete with a dedicated CNC operating panel and display screen.

Opening the loading doors reveals a worktable and a high-precision motion system, featuring linear motors above a catcher tank that is fully suspended to avoid vibration.

The whole unit is mounted on a rigid machine-tool-type frame that is easily put into place, has a much smaller footprint than is normally associated with waterjet machines and yet contains its own fully-integrated sub-systems.

The equipment has a feed rate of 20m/min and double that in fast feed mode, with the ability to achieve a positioning accuracy of +/-0.01/300mm (20deg).

WJS machines feature their own ‘Panelone’/ ‘Edgecut’ operating platform.

The control and servo system incorporates the Fanuc-GE Alpha technology.

The traditional industrial markets for the waterjet process also can be serviced by the Finecut machine, because it can be fitted with the large-orifice jet heads associated with this work.

Markets include those at the fine mechanics end of the mechatronics, measuring, control, and aerospace fields, as well as applications in the medical, dentistry and biotechnology industries.

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