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Water Jet Sweden (WJS) has introduced the Panelone human-machine interface (HMI) for waterjet cutting machine customers.

According to Tony Ryd, WJS director, customers will no longer need to rely on operators having specific numerical control knowledge as Panelone presents a simple interface from which all aspects of the profiler can be intuitively controlled.

He added that the same basic platform will now be used as the standard for all waterjet profilers made by WJS across its entire range, right up to the full five-axis models.

This will not only enable the company to hold down manufacturing costs but will also benefit customers requiring operator training at the factory.

The same factory training course will apply to all; multiple customers can attend together without the need to arrange special one-off sessions for individual customer machines.

The ergonomically designed operator’s panel is free from clutter, having minimum switches and buttons marking the presence of its joystick for full X-, Y- and Z-axis operation as its key control; override, cycle start/stop, NC reset, emergency stop and service key are the only other items of Panelone hardware present.

The familiar qwerty keyboard is not required because the screen, vertically mounted above the panel itself, provides for real-time 3D representation of the job in hand and also enables all operator functions to be accessed through its touch-screen capabilities.

These functions include job management, grid management, operator messages and machine feedback, auto tool following and online radius compensation.

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