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Woco Industrietechnik, a supplier of intelligent automotive solutions, has selected Stanyl Diablo OCD2100 for its latest charge air duct resonator to dampen noise in the charge air system.

Stanyl Diablo OCD2100 is the first member of a range of Stanyl PA46 grades to offer a revolutionary improvement in long-term thermal stability.

This technology, developed and patented by DSM, extends the functional life of components well beyond the limits of other high-temperature polyamides.

By limiting thermal oxidative breakdown, Stanyl Diablo withstands more than 5,000 hours of temperature exposure up to 220C with less than 15 per cent loss in mechanical properties.

Requirements for under the bonnet (UTB) applications are constantly changing.

Environmental requirements, EURO V and VI legislation and the call for reduced fuel consumption have resulted in significant changes, for example the use of smaller engines with higher turbo pressures and EGR (exhaust gas recirculation).

As a consequence, automobile UTB components such as air ducts, air intake manifolds and charge air-cooler end-caps are exposed to continuously rising operating temperatures.

With more critical temperature and tougher life-time requirements, long-term service life of components made from current thermoplastics can be at risk.

Christian Kilgus, business-development manager for DSM Engineering Plastics, said: ‘Long-time high-heat ageing performance for temperatures up to 220C and more than 5000 hours are now common for UTB applications.

‘Stanyl Diablo OCD2100 outperforms current high-heat resins on high temperature stability, but also on weldability, weld strength and the weld’s long-term heat stability.

‘Part design and function can be reached more easily and, more importantly, UTB part reliability can be guaranteed for the lifetime required.’ Stanyl materials are easy to process.

During injection moulding, tool temperatures of 80C and melt temperatures around 300C are normally used.

Short cycle times can be achieved to reduce system costs.

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