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Wolf Safety has shown its Low Voltage Tank Lighting Kit at Offshore Europe in Aberdeen.

The kit has applications in the oil, gas and offshore tank cleaning markets, as well as preventative maintenance and factory shutdown programmes.

Wolf’s Atex-certified Tank Lighting Kit provides a temporary lighting solution where safe, low-voltage lighting is a requirement.

The kit comprises a Zone 1, 110V to 24V Ex transformer and four 24V Fluorescent leadlamps, with twin 36W lamp configuration supplied with 20m SY or Ships Braided Cable, and fitted with ATX or CEAG plugs and sockets.

Easy to maintain, the range uses standard compact fluorescent lamps.

Also on display were portable, linkable 110V luminaires, allowing quick and easy setup in confined spaces.

The robust, durable lamps are designed with Unistrut-compatible channel-support systems to allow easy fixing using a range of accessories, including magnetic brackets and tripod systems.

Wolf Safety Lamp

The Wolf Safety Lamp Company is Europe’s largest manufacturer of portable
intrinsically safe and explosion protected lighting designed and
manufactured in the United Kingdom for safe use in potentially explosive
Wolf Safety is the market leader in the supply of hand held lamps and
torches, lighting systems and portable worklights, including the renowned
Wolflite Handlamp, all ATEX certified for use in hazardous areas and extreme
environments worldwide.
The range includes small hand-held halogen or xenon bulb and LED torches,
flashlights, handlamps and lanterns for use with either primary cell or
rechargeable batteries, mains and low voltage powered portable fluorescent
luminaries, ATEX approved transformers  and compressed air operated
pneumatic lamps.
Wherever an explosive gas, vapour or dust is present, creating a risk of
explosion, there is a Wolf Safety Lamp with the concept of protection for
Zone 0, Zone 1 and 2 to ensure safety.
Applications for Explosion Proof Lights are in Offshore Oil and Gas, Marine
Vessels, Refining and Petrochemical Industries, food processing,
pharmaceuticals,  breweries and distilleries as well as firefighting, water
treatment and gas distribution.

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