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Wolfram Research has launched a consulting service called Wolfram Solutions, which is said to provide solutions for business problems and technical computing needs.

With technical skill, vertical industry prowess, deep management experience and focus on customer priorities and goals, Wolfram Solutions is claimed to deliver the power of technical computing to help improve efficiency, quality and results and to spearhead innovation.

Wolfram Solutions consultants are said to be experienced in modelling, simulation, data analysis, image processing, high-performance computing, parallel computing, delivering technical computing over the web and other technical computing fields.

According to the company, which manufactures Mathematica, its experts offer performance tuning and enhancements for existing software, while also conducting research, development and deployment for new software.

For one customer, Dolphin Measurement Systems, Wolfram Solutions migrated an existing systems code that took one second to run into Mathematica code with a run time of 0.01 seconds.

From there, it automatically generated and compiled embedded C code, which runs 150 times per second.

Wolfram Solutions offers consultants on an ad-hoc, by-the-hour basis for expertise or energy for a few days at a time to take on specific deliverables under customer direction or to manage and conduct an entire multi-month project.

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