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The WM8351 and WM8352 integrated high-fidelity audio CODEC and power management ICs have been introduced to compliment Wolfson’s WM8350 integrated power management device launched in October 2007.

Between the three products Wolfson is offering system designers support for a wider range of multimedia processors and usage scenarios.

Both the WM8351 and WM8352 are highly integrated solutions that deliver power management and audio without compromise.

Compared to using separate CODEC and power management chips, which typically require two or more additional components, the WM8351 and WM8352 offer savings of up to 25 per cent off the bill of materials (BOM) cost and 50 per cent on the board footprint.

Designers of portable consumer electronics, including portable audio and navigation devices, can now choose from a range of products to suit their needs.

The simplified WM8351 is targeted at lower cost platforms that do not require all of the WM8350’s functionality.

The WM8532 has the same capabilities as the WM8350 but offers extra configuration settings to support high-end designs.

The WM8350, WM8351 and WM8352 are able to support the majority of application processors.

The three devices have a mode where complete control is available which is in addition to the combined nine pre-set start up and configuration settings.

The WM8351 is aimed at lower cost solutions that do not require all of the functionality on the WM8350 or WM8352.

The reduced functionality results in three step down DC-DC buck converters and one step up DC-DC boost converter.

In comparison the WM8352 has the same functionality as the WM8350 and includes four step down DC-DC buck converters and two step up DC-DC boost converters.

Both the WM8351 and WM8352 feature an integrated audio CODEC that provides all the necessary functions for high-quality stereo recording and playback.

Programmable on-chip amplifiers allow direct connection of headphones and microphones with a minimum of external components.

An on-chip battery charger in the WM8351 and WM8352 supports both trickle charging and fast (constant current, constant voltage) charging of single-cell lithium batteries.

The charge current, termination voltage, and charger time out are programmable to suit different types of batteries.

The WM8350 features a high performance, high fidelity stereo CODEC with advanced mixing capability, delivering an excellent 98dB SNR performance.

It supports six analogue inputs, two stereo analogue outputs and two mono line outputs, and can drive headphones directly.

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