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Ziilabs, an applications processor vendor, has selected the Wolfson Microelectronics WM8350 stereo Codec with integrated power management for inclusion on a system module and a computer platform.

The WM8350 will be included on Ziilabs’ ZMS-05 System Module for embedded devices and its Zii Egg Stemcell Computer, a market-ready handheld Zii Plaszma platform.

The device is part of Wolfson’s family of power management solutions, which are compatible with multimedia application processors.

It features an integrated high-fidelity audio Codec and a power management subsystem that delivers high-performance audio and extended battery life at a reduced system cost.

Coupled with Ziilabs’ media-rich processor technology, the WM8350 enables the creation of high-performance designs, while reducing power consumption, system cost, design challenges, manufacturing complexity and the time to market.

In the case of the WM8350, the savings can be up to 25 per cent on the device bill of materials and up to 50 per cent on the board footprint.

The ZMS-05 is a fully programmable, media-rich application processor capable of delivering high-performance, high-definition (HD) video, 2D/3D graphics and multimedia capabilities within a low-power environment.

The ZMS-05 System Module, incorporating the ZMS-05 and now the WM8350, comes in a production-ready SODIMM form factor simplifying customer base board developments.

Based on the ZMS-05, the Zii Egg handheld Stemcell Computer is an energy-efficient handheld platform featuring a multi-touch display, GPS, forward- and rear-facing cameras, Bluetooth, HDMI, a full-size SD card slot, 256Mb RAM, 16/32Gb flash memory and Wi-Fi.

Tim Lewis, marketing director at Ziilabs, said: ‘The WM8350 and ZMS-05 processor form a powerful combination that will help designers differentiate their products with media-rich applications at the lowest possible power consumption.

‘Both the WM8350 and Ziilabs’ ZMS-05 are highly integrated devices that help shorten system design times and reduce the requirement for additional components, while delivering a superb, non-compromised multimedia experience,’ he added.

The WM8350 functions include a high-performance, low-power audio Codec with an advanced mixing capability that delivers 98dB SNR performance.

The device also features on-chip clock generation, six DC-DC converters, four LDO voltage regulators, a lithium battery charger, two white light-emitting-diode (LED) drivers and an auxiliary analogue-to-digital converter (ADC), all inside a 7mm x 7mm BGA package.

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