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Wonderware has named Longwatch, a supplier of video monitoring hardware and software products, as a certified software provider.

Wonderware software partner products are endorsed or certified by Wonderware to be applications with proven compatibility with Wonderware software.

Certified software partners have access to Wonderware Beta programs, toolkits and senior technical support so they can integrate and extend Wonderware software on an ongoing basis.

The Longwatch video surveillance system has been integrated with Wonderware’s Intouch HMI, Active Factory, Historian and MES software in several applications.

The combination of Wonderware software and Longwatch video systems allows operators in process control applications to see live and archived video from the plant floor directly on their Wonderware HMI screens.

This allows operators to ‘see’ what is going on in a process plant or factory without having to send someone to the scene.

The operator can also ‘rewind’ the video to see what happened a few seconds or a few hours before an incident.

By integrating with the Wonderware Activefactory trend chart object, Longwatch Video Historian software simultaneously shows trend graphs of user-selected variables (displayed as colour ‘pen’ lines) with archived video.

The video panel and trend chart can be ‘linked’ (synchronised) with the click of a button on the viewer display.

When the user clicks and drags the chart object’s time cursor (normally used only for displaying the process variable’s engineering units value and status at a selected point in time), the Video Historian also moves the video forward or backward accordingly.


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